SWR Pipes

We hold skill in assembling of SWR Pipes, which are broadly recognized

by the customers for their top notch quality, high sturdiness and long

administration life. Our SWR Pipes can be benefited by the customer’s in

fluctuated sizes and measurements to suit their necessity.


hydrotech SWR pipes frameworks incorporate a broad scope of Soil,

Waste and Rainwater plumbing items for business, modern, lodging and

open segment advancements, all based on the quality of our quality and

development. hydrotech frameworks incorporate dissolvable weld and

push-fit alternatives for both soil, waste and water seepage.


Design Features


Quicker Plumbing :

Watertight Joints: hydrotech SWR frameworks have unparalleled quality

and execution, with a high level of dimensional precision, guaranteeing

ideal quality.


Complete Range Of SWR System :

hydrotech offers an industry driving scope of Solvent-fit and Push-fit Soil,

Waste and Rainwater Plumbing Systems that are appropriate for business,

modern, lodging and open segment advancements. These frameworks are

accessible in 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 140 and 160 mm in both dissolvable

and ring/washer type.


Consumption And Abrasion Resistant :

hydrotech SWR funnels have brilliant consumption opposition. Support

free hydrotech SWR channels and fittings don’t rust, erode or

advance develop stores in the framework inside.


Practical :

The numerous preferences of hydrotech SWR framework guarantees a

lower capital, establishment, support cost contrasted with other channeling

frameworks. The low load of the framework makes it simple to introduce

and diminishes transportation, dealing with and establishment costs.


Affirmations :

The numerous preferences of hydrotech SWR framework guarantees

a lower capital, establishment, upkeep cost contrasted with other

funneling frameworks.


Why Hydrotech SWR Pipe Push Fit Yellow Seal Advantage?


Intense And Reliable Leak Proof Joints


First time in India, propelled co-shaping innovation at standard with

worldwide measures. The Yellow Seal™, comprises of a plastic strengthened

elastic ring which sits ready of the attachment and is forever situated

guaranteeing a 100% airtight joint, in contrast to traditional elastic rings,

which tend to turn out amid fitment.


SWR fittings fabricated by hydrotech funnels are accessible in both

Push fit and Solfit extend. Each fitting is tried for weight of 5 kg/per cm²

 before it leaves the industrial facility to guarantee that each joint gives

you an ideal sealed joint.


Hydrotech(SWR) uPVC Drainage Systems are the perfect answer for

waste and sewerage applications, attributable to its better properties

analyzed than ordinary seepage frameworks. This framework empowers

quick and productive evacuation of waste without blockage and spillage.

Its high effect quality, concoction and consumption obstruction, rat repellent,

 long life (climate safe), simple to introduce , financially savvy and for

all intents and purposes zero support settles on it the favored selection

of modelers and developers all over the place.


The framework is intended to withstand from the solidifying cold temperatures

of the North to the bursting warmth of West. One end of the pipe is plain

and the opposite end is self socketed with a necessary furrow to hold the

elastic gasket. At the point when joined with an elastic ring, the joint shaped

is an inconvenience free, water tight one, prepared to deal with

 warm extension/constriction.


Quiet Features


  • Brisk and helpful establishment.
  • Smooth completion to guarantee non chocking framework.
  • Extraordinarily intensified to withstand tough open air establishment.
  • UV balanced out to guarantee lifetime perseverance.
  • Satisfactory and simple access for cleaning and clearing checks.
  • Support free.
  • Fantastic compound and consumption opposition.


Types :



Ring type:

Plain toward one side

Self attachment at another end

Furnished with a basic score to hold the elastic gasket


Self Fit:

Self attachment toward one side

Plain at another end

Simple fitting without utilizing couplers (Solvent Cement Joint)

Dissolvable concrete joint is changeless, solid and inconvenience free


Accessible In

63 mm to 200 mm measurement

10 feet length or can be modified


Claim to fame :

Exact measurements

Simple to fit

Needs less upkeep

Great grasp


hydrotech is the most developed PVC SWR channeling framework

accessible in India today. It has a total scope of for soil, waste and

water plumbing framework.


Hydrotech fuses the utilization of DM-seal jointing framework uniquely

intended for simple, watertight and financially savvy establishment.

The framework offers different establishments alternatives, predominant

quality completion, and unparalleled dimensional precision.


Hydrotech additionally guarantees that its specialized group is

accessible to give preparing and benefits nonstop for single family homes,

extensive private structures, business structures, inns, and clinics.


Complete Solutions for UPVC SWR Pipes and Fittings


hydrotech offers a huge scope of seepage funnels and fittings

particularly intended for waste and water waste frameworks.

At hydrotechPipes, we offer prevalent nature of SWR funnels and fittings

to be introduced in different seepage frameworks. With unmatched

quality and amazing material, our items are effective in conveying long

haul results.


Lightweight and Cost-compelling item go


Hydrotech waste framework is light in weight which empowers

helpful transportation, dealing with, and establishment. SWR pipe and

fittings are financially savvy. We offer total seepage answers for business,

private, modern and corporate parts.


Sealed and High-quality


Funnels and fittings in the hydrotech framework are watertight and don’t

require welding or any sort of fastening. Our funnels are erosion safe and

don’t respond with the synthetics present in the mechanical squanders or

the research center releases. These don’t experience any scaling and

 henceforth turn out to be solid.


Our channels are planned by various necessities and can be introduced

effectively. The joining frameworks empowered in hydrotech framework

efficient and furthermore lessen the work cost. Channels and fittings made

at hydrotech are the most exceptional PVC SWR funneling framework in the

 nation at present. For all waste arrangements, depend on channels

and fittings produced by hydrotech Pipes.