Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler Systems of Hydrotech Pipes are one of the most trusted, sturdy & reliable products & hence they are widely accepted by the farmers across the country., HDPE Pipes & Sprinkler pipes are made from virgin raw material to give the customer a superior performance & durability. The system is manufactured as per the specification of “BIS”. Hydrotech Sprinkler Systems are portable, flexible & easy for farmers to handle and shift from one field to another.

Range: 63mm, 75mm 90mm.


Row Crops like Cereals & Pulses, Soybean, Groundnut, Cotton, Wheat, Sugarcane etc., Vegetables, Home Gardens, Horticultural Crops, Tea Gardens, and Landscaping


  • Kisan Sprinkler Systems ensure complete & proper irrigation of crops while saving upto 50% on water consumption compared to conventional irrigation.
  • It results in quicker germination & leads to higher yield of crops.
  • Kisan Sprinkler Systems are widely accepted in the market due to its high pressure sustainability.
  • The inherent flexibility of Kisan Sprinkler Systems helps in easy installation in uneven or undulating fields.