We offer clients with finest quality HDPE PLB pipes which are manufactured as per TEC standards and used by telecom companies for optical fiber ducting and also for electrical cable ducting. These HDPE PLB pipes conform to international standards .


  • Supplied in coils of various lengths upto to 110 mm.

Major Sizes:














  • Color: Orange, Green, Brown, Blue, Black or as per the Customers requirements.
  • Available in coils upto 1000 Meters Length.


Material: Permanently Lubricated HDPE Telecom Ducts are manufactured with the superior Grade of High Density Polyethylene material. HDPE pipes manufactured meets all the requirements of TES Specification as well as IS 4984-1995.

Product Applications:

HDPE Ducts are suitable for installation in the field dirt trenches, under sidewalks, roads, within communication networks, between communication centers and between cities. They can also be used in branch networks between cells, distribution cabinets, poles, in walls and within subterranean networks of homes, allowing the insertion of optical or copper communication cables, as well as TV/cable aluminium co-axial cables. Cables can be inserted in through the pipe by blowing, with an internal air-pressure up to eight bars.

  • Hydrotech Tele Ducts are manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery using latest processing technology and fulfill the performance requirement of National and International specifications.
  • Can specially deliver tailor-made as per specifications to suit customer’s requirement.
  • Supplied in coils of various lengths upto to 110 mm.


a) Outside diameter

32 mm/26 mm

40 mm/33 mm

50 mm/42 mm

32 mm +0.3 mm 
-0.0 mm

40 mm +0.4 mm 
-0.0 mm

50 mm +0.5 mm 
-0.0 mm

b) Wall thickness

3.0 mm ± 0.2 mm

3.5mm ± 0.2mm

4 mm ± 0.3 mm

c) Thickness of the Inner Layer

Max 0.24 mm
Min 0.36 mm

Max 0.28 mm
Min 0.42 mm

Max 0.32 mm
Min 0.48 mm

d) Standard Length

1000 ±100 meters

1000 ±100 meters

1000 ±100 meters

e) Maximum outer diameter of 
OF cable that can be installed by 
blowing technique.

12 mm

16 mm

21 mm


PLB Duct Pipes are used as underground cable conduits for optical fiber cables, communication cables etc. & are suitable for cable installation by blowing or pulling by rope techniques.

  • Offers good protection for OF cables from mechanical abuse. Flexible in nature hence can be bent and can be used in any direction
  • Long life and cost effective
  • The internal permanent lubrication with silicone coating ensures permanent lubrication & low co-efficient of friction
  • Flexible and coil able
  • Long length coils up to 1000 meters
  • Less number of joints makes it easy for cable insertion
  • Low weight aids in ease and speed of installation