IS Standards: IS 4985 specifications

Product Introduction:

Hydrotech Farm Tech Rigid upvc Pipes are made of highest grade quality resin which ensures the fulfillment of the basic need for clean and hygienic water. They are made on the latest state-of-the-art plants in India.

It comes in 2 variants:– Plain Socketed Pipes: Hydrotech Farm tech socketed pipes have one end self socketed and other end plain. It joins with the help of Solvent Cement. Range from 20mm to 250mm with Class 2,3,4,5.
  1. Elastomeric Ring fit pipes: Hydrotech Farm Tech comes with Electrometric Sealing ring which enhances the upvc joining system specially in higher diameter pipes from 110 mm – 200mm OD. Rubber sealing rings ensures the leak proof joints and easy installation and can withstand the pressure beyond the specified testing pressure for pipes.
These pipes are manufactured as per IS 4985: 2000. Our pipes have a life span of over 50 years if laid & buried below the ground as per prescribed standards. Range: Hydrotech Farm Tech Rigid upvc pipes are available in size of 20 to 250 mm and pressure rating of Class 2 to Class 5 (0.4 Mpa2/ 4 Kgf/cm2 to 1.00Mpa2/10 Kgf/cm2) confirming to IS 4985: 2000 as per application requirement. Class: 2 (4 Kgcm2 Pressure) Class: 3 (6 Kgcm2 Pressure) Class: 4 (8 Kgcm2 Pressure) Class: 5 (10 Kgcm2 Pressure)
Size: mm (in)
20 (1/2)
25 (3/4)
32 1
40 (11/4)
50 (11/2)
63 2
75 (21/2)
90 3
110 4
140 5
160 6
180 7
200 8
250 10
  1. Corrosion Resistant :Immune to galvanic or electrolytic erosion
  2. Chemical and Biological Resistant:Resistant to acids, oxidizing agents, alkalis, oils and domestic effluents. Fit for high purity water applications
  3. Easy Installation:Pipes of diameter less than 140 mm can be joined by hand pressure while for those of a larger diameter, a pipe jack is adequate.
  4. Lower cost of Installation :Lightweight therefore they are easy to transport and Carry to the site
  5. Flexibility :Can accommodate slight shifting of the soil, bending of the pipe up to 2 degrees per joint and tolerates small gradients in underground piping
  6. Immediate Testing:Pipes can be tested for ability to withstand pressure immediately on completion of installation. There is no need to wait for the joints to dry, etc.
  7. Maintenance Free :No painting or coating required
  8. Economical: Esay to fit installation process saves time, minimizes labour and regular maintenance costs
  9. High resistance: High resistance to fire, chemicals and corrosion, leads to increased safety
  10. Durability: High inert strength and inbuilt resilience makes pipes immune to galvanic and electrolytic action thereby ensuring greater durability
  1. Irrigation Scheme
  2. Tube well
  3. Drinking water supply lines for potable water services
  4. Sewerage and waste lines
  5. Main line for sprinklers/drip pipeline
  6. Underground or open pipeline
  7. Surface water drainage
  8. Factory supply lines, etc
  9. Rainwater drainage
  10. Horticultural and green house technology
  11. Telecommunication and cable ducting