Elastromeric Pipes

IS Standards: IS 15328 specifications

Product Introduction:

Elastromeric Pipes are the latest in technological innovations from Hydrotech Pipes. Solvent Cement is the most commonly used material for jointing PVC pipes. But Solvent Cement poses innumerable problems. 

Improper mix of solvent cement, too little results in weak and leaky joints and too much will lead to accumulation of cement inside the pipe, weakening the area around the joint.

Hence rigid PVC pipes fitted with an elastomeric sealing ring offers a seal so tight that the possibility of any kind of leakage becomes remote. 

It also eliminates the need for cumbersome and messy adhesives and sealants.

Hydrotech Pipes introduces uPVC FirmSeal (Elastomeric) Pipes especially in the higher diameter pipes. Firm seal PVC pipes have unique properties that pipes of no other material can offer, neither galvanized steel, mild steel nor asbestos cement pipes.




These rings are in accordance with IS 15328:2003. The sealing ring has been designed in such a way that the pipes can be installed with extreme ease & convenience. The rubber ring absorbs linear expansion, leaving the seal intact, even in extreme temperature variations.
















  1. High Resistance ring: The ring is not affected by ozone, ultra – violet radiation, bacteria, fungus or termites. It is also resistant to salt water, organic vegetable oils, dilute acids, dilute alkalies, aqueous chlorine and other pollutants and contaminants found in communal sewage and waste water.
  2. Reliable and robust: UPVC FrimSeal joints can withstand pressures beyond the specified testing pressure for the pipes.
  3. Tolerates temperature variation: The elastomeric ring can accommodate linear expansion and contraction.


Other features same as Agri Pipes.

Application also same