About Us

Hydrotech Pipes, founded in the year 1992 with the name of LAXMI POLYEXTRUSION PVT. LTD is India’s mostincredible& trusted manufacturer of U-PVC Pipes, Fittings & the Major Rigid PVC Pipes with state of the art high tech equipment for product. Later in 1999, switched from Private Sector to Public Sector named as LAXMI POLYCHEM INDIA. LTD popularly known as LPIL.

With 32 years of prime expertise in this industry, it is one of the major & finest Rigid PVC Pipes Manufacturers in Karnataka & South India. Supplying all across India with the most exceptional ISO 9001 Certified Company under the quality control of most trusted and guaranteed ISI mark & ISO mark with a whopping capacity of plant is 7500 tonne’s, out of which 5000 is occupied to manufacture PVC pipes &2500 is occupied to manufacture HDPE pipes annually.

The company has wide operation of distribution & dealers network all over Karnataka& expanding its supply all over India. Mainly 40% of the company’s supply is to government sectors, 40% to dealers, and 20% to the end users. The company’s client base is vast & includes Agriculture, Irrigation, Homes, Industries, Businesses, Shops, & others.

Offering the most comprehensive & top-notch product rangesnamely U PVC ASTM 40 & 80, Agri Pipes, Elastromeric Pipes, HDPE Pipes, sprinkler irrigation systems, HDPE PLB pipes, underground drainage pipes, Casing Pipes, SWR Pipes. Having application from agricultural, homes, industries, businesses, irrigation, construction etc.

With our continuous efforts for expansion and mass production, we are aiming to become the biggest supplier of PVC pipes in India.

What makes Hydrotech Pipes Incredible?

  • We are equipped with the state of the art manufacturing facilities and techniques coupled with the strict quality control and extensive supply network all over India
  • We providetop caliber of material & products at all stages for a project as per specified requirements.
  • These Pipes have the smoothest internal surface with less friction, excellent corrosion and chemical resistance withhighly guarded to soil movement due to inherent flexibility.
  • Most Light Weighted pipes withgood resistance to long term hydraulic, which makes them unbeatable.
  • The easiest Installation& provides resistance to scale formation resulting in high & better flow rate.
  • We use calibrated instruments, gauges & test equipment for inspection & testing to ensure that the measurements made are sufficiently accurate to generate high quality products
  • Highly focused on R&D to improve & be self-reliant in product technology and become a leader in high quality PVC products.
  • To identify, segregate & report non-conforming products & notify to concerned departments for review & disposal actions.

It is highly vouched as the most trustable and rated PVC supplier by various esteemed& well known Departments of Karnataka Government i.e Rural Water supply and Sanitation, Minor and Major Irrigation Projects, Multi Village Schemes, Amrut and Smart City Project and the list is never ending.

PVC finds its application in almost every field of life and every industry and keeps growing every day. Therefore, we aim at producing on large scale and cater your everyday PVC needs available near you all around India. We believe in excellence, quality and major focus on our customer needs at your convenience.